EatsReady is the first digital meal voucher issuer in the market

Born for companies like yours: dynamic, innovative and digital

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Our advantages



From the company dashboard to the services offered to employees. A cutting-edge proposal for your company and your employees



Flexibility and customization are two ubiquitous characters in our offer in order to satisfy all your needs



By choosing EatsReady you’ll find a proposal that protects all parties involved. We believe in a convenient system for everyone, including retailers

Reward your team

Give a tangible benefit to your employees

Use the EatsReady solutions to distribute meal vouchers to your employees

Simplify management

It has never been easier

Manage and control all activities directly from your favorite device, with the company dashboard every activity is just a click away

Optimize costs

From 2020 you save more with digital meal vouchers

Reduce the taxable amount and control costs transparently. Trust those who are digital by nature

How it works








360° benefits

A complete solution

Thanks to our partner, we provide to our customers the best in-app delivery solutions. Always available, directly in office or at home for those in smartworking.

Corporate branding

Relays integrity to your team

With EatsReady you will give your employees a customizable and branded tool

Always available

Clarify any doubt immediately

Our customer service is always active! Contact us and get an answer in less than one minute

Our solutions for the lunch break


€ 150

15 meal vouchers of € 10.00


The evolution of the meal voucher

The only meal voucher in app deductible up to € 8.00


€ 15,00

From 12:00 to 15:00


A daily credit in app

The only budget entirely deductible for the lunch break


Calculate your savings

They tell it better than we do!


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